SREO Consulting is


SREO ensures aid gets to those who need it most by conducting rigorous monitoring and evaluation programs using world-class standards and best-practices honed by more than four decades of on-the-ground experience.

Rapid Baseline/Needs Assessments

SREO conducts quantitative and qualitative research to determine objectives and indicators for humanitarian programming

Project Monitoring

SREO conducts daily or weekly monitoring of ongoing projects to provide an up-to-the-minute view of what’s actually transpiring with aid projects

Impact Assessments

SREO offers humanitarian organizations exhaustive assessments that quantify exactly what the project achieved, where the weaknesses may have been, and recommendations for future programming to ensure lessons learned


Partnered with academic institutions and research centers, SREO also undertakes both quantitative and qualitative research projects to explore issues missing in mainstream analysis

Our Management Team

In an industry overflowing with pseudo-expertise authored by faraway folks who’ve rarely been overseas and don’t know local languages, SREO’s core research team stands in stark contrast to business as usual.


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Self-Commissioned Work

In addition to its work with the humanitarian community, SREO self-commissions, funds and publishes its own research into critical areas missing in mainstream analysis, elevating the discourse around humanitarian issues for researchers, academics, the humanitarian community and – most importantly – those who deserve better.

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